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Land Surveyors in Orange County, CA (California)

How Much Boundary Surveys, Land Survey & Property Lines Cost (Also Know As Property Line Survey) in Orange County.

Since 1993, Group Land Surveyors has been dedicated to providing surveying services to the greater Orange County & City with professional property line services at a low cost.

For any property to be developed in Orange County California, the property lines and ownership must be known. A title report provides the deed and other property information. If a land is developed according to where the owners think their property lines are, and their neighbor disagrees, there may be a dispute that ends up in the Orange County public court. This becomes a major cause of distress for everyone involved. A well property survey marker can avoid this problems

How to survey land in Orange County?

Knowing how to survey land and find your own property markers can save you a lot of time, money and trouble. Surveys can be expensive. Of course, by law, only a licensed surveyor can set or move property lines in Orange County California. But you can find the already-established property lines by yourself.

Know the legal boundaries of your property before landscaping or building a fence or a shed in Orange County CA, and you can avoid moving them later. Knowing your property lines can allow you to live peacefully with your neighbor. Best of all, you will be able to fully enjoy your rights as a property owner. To learn how to survey your own land.

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